Hi ! Self-lovers and lovers of humanity…!

The main issues facing human identity are :

(1) definition and characteristics of any human identity

(2) religion

(3) money

(4) sexuality and family life

(5) feelings, emotions, human qualities and characters

(6) positive and stress-free thinking

The vision of addressing these issues in my book “Life of Social Animals” is highlighted in such a manner that proper nouns are used only for inspiration and the above issues are dealt with in a more and more contemporary manner ¬†giving importance to evolutionary aspects of human identity and not to cultural differences nor to regressive, orthodox and rigidly traditional thinking.

Thanks for spending time for learning about the vision.

You can continue exploring the site and buy “Life of Social Animals” if you like to flaunt and enjoy your human identity at all times, at all places, with people of any kind and under any circumstances.

Once we are firm in such a vision, we can easily play the game of humanity (our duration on earth) in a much more exciting manner and make our existence more meaningful, purposeful and happier


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