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The Two Religions and Your Identity

Your family members are the biggest authorities to prove overall decency of your identity.

If your spouse and children certify you to be the best person, you do not need any other certificate to prove your decency from any other authority and institution like religious, legal, country-specific, status-related, etc.

And one more advantage of such a certificate is that you will be a master in your own profession driven by a happy and peaceful family life. You will earn more money which is not at all tainted by the corrupt and stressful aspects of money-earning process.

To know more about the sanctity of earning money and maintaining a happy and peaceful family life irrespective of your own sexuality,  you can read my book “Life of Social Animals.”

Thus family life and professional life become the two religions that control human identity. Traditional religions are also professions of people who do not have regular professions like those of the masses.

Purposefulness of human identity is the essence of its existence

If you have a purpose in everything you do and everyone you meet,  you will know why you are visiting this site. It is for self-discovery in a manner that is not only evolutionary in scope but also the most civilized in its path. When you are not driven by your instincts like animals, definitely you are driven by purposefulness of some kind.So the next logical conclusion of this premise is that the most important purpose of human existence is to conserve and sustain humanity.  With this in mind, every moment of your life passes with an extremely noble purpose and not just pandering to your own instincts like eating, drinking, sleeping, having sex, etc.